Downsizing Strategies Before The Big Move

Overtime, you and your family accumulated a lot of belongings, either through gifts or your shopping spree. Some of these belongings are stored or get stuck somewhere in your house without you knowing it. This could take up space inside your residence, and when it is time to move, you may need to dispose some of this stuff, so you can have fewer things to pack and lighter load for your baggage and shipment.


If you don’t know how to dispose these unnecessary belongings, here are some ideas from international moving companies in Dubai:


  • Throw away unnecessary clutter


Some people have this habit of hanging on to things they acquire. Although some of them might have real sentimental value, most of these stuff are just eating up the space in your home and probably have no value. If you are moving to a new place and thinking of how you can squeeze in everything in your storage boxes, the first thing that you need to do is to dispose the useless belongings you have at home. You need to assess and evaluate which of your stuff have real use to you. Once you determine and categorize your things, you can simply throw away useless stuff. Do not feel bad about it. You can still purchase and acquire some in your new home.


  • Do a yard sale


If you think throwing away the useless stuff is heartbreaking, then it would be best to let it go by making money out of it. Set up a garage or yard sale in your property and lined up those things that you think would be of use of someone else. Pre-loved items are quite popular to some people, given the condition of the items are still acceptable. They are less pricey than the new ones. Just price the items accordingly and announce that you will be having a yard sale in your place to draw out people.


  • Give to your local charities


If there are still some stuff left to dispose, you can simply send them over to a local charity in your place. These charities are distributing these belongings to families and individuals who are in need of these stuff the most. You can lighten your load and also help those who are in need.


  • Subscribe to a storage facility


If there are still some things left and you don’t know where you can take them, it would be best to put them in storage in Dubai while you are thinking of how you can dispose these things.