Getting Hospitalized in Dubai

Nobody likes getting sick, going through a trauma or shot, experiencing painful surgery or other health issues or visiting a hospital. Hospitals are considered a very dark, boring, scary and horrid place from where you just wait to run away as soon as possible. Terrible linoleum, appalling food, and cranky nurses give a hollowing haunted look to the whole picture. As it is a basic need, we always try to visit a hospital that is acceptable and easy to handle, has a professional and experienced staff, doctors and offer affordable prices for medical procedures. Luckily, there are certain hospitals in Dubai that offer luxury rooms like hotel suites, luxurious amenities and facilities you can’t even imagine of, but feel fantastic to stay in them even as a patient.

Earlier, medication was only a profession of holy spirits and they provided it in small clinics or they used to visit the patients in their homes with full dedication and care. But from the early 1920s, this profession changed drastically for good. New researches, machines, investigating tools and equipment became symbol of effective treatment and doctors’ expertise to investigate any disease totally based on so many blood, urine, ultrasound and CT scan reports. Deluxe hospital suites, lavish environment and focus on beautification and designing became very important and common.

Dubai Hospitals are symbols of luxury medication. Though the United Arab Emirates has more than 127 public, private and semi-private hospitals but the fascination at Dubai hospitals is remarkable. They are well-equipped with all the necessary and the lavish equipment, facilities, and qualified doctors. The demand of VIP rooms, and facilities is increasing day by day because Dubai has one of the best economic growth rates and dynamics. Industrial contribution and high earnings created this demand to get the best as they can afford it. VIP rooms painted with soft color combinations, elegant large windows, gorgeous views, beautiful curtains, fragrance spreading fresh flowers, Wi-Fi connectivity, Cinema-kind TV screen, and expert meal planners are necessary when hospitalization is needed by them. The medical care team is always on its toes round the clock and the top quality treatment is ensured with the best comfort and pampering.

Following are some of the most luxurious hospitals in Dubai where you can find the world’s best treatment with care like a prince or princess.

Hospitals and clinics facilities under the influence of Dubai Health Authority:

  • Al Jalila (Children’s Hospital)
  •  Armada Hospital
  • Armada Medical Center
  • Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre for herbology preferred patients
  • Iranian Hospital

Hospitals and clinics facilities under the influence of Dubai Government:

  • Dubai Hospital
  • Latifa Hospital
  • Rashid Hospital

Hospitals and clinics facilities under the influence of Dubai Healthcare City:

  • Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Center

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