Buying Natural Latex Mattress in UAE

Natural latex mattresses have been in use since the nineteenth century. Mind and body comfort and relaxation depends on the proper posture, surface quality and bounciness. It contains fantastic advantages as compared to the other synthetic forms. We are providing you a detailed information about difference between natural latex and synthetic foams, and its advantages on our life and environment.

Durability and Support

Latex foam is very durable, comfortable and supportive sleep surface. It gives proper posture to the human body and provides correct spinal alignment. As it is produced from natural rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis), Latex mattresses are considered very durable when made at a high-quality standard. Synthetic foam, on the other hand, is made from petrochemicals, butadiene and styrene. They are greatly different from natural latex rubber.

Resistant to dust and allergies

Natural rubber has antibacterial properties because it is produced from rubber tree which repels unwanted bacteria and insects to stay and resist dusting particles and other allergens which other synthetic forms easily develop over the time. Natural rubber can also be recycled.

Elasticity and spring back property

Elasticity of natural latex is significantly higher than synthetic or blended latex. They are stretchable without breaking and shapeup according to body posture which make them more responsive and supportive foam. Density of natural latex is about 3-4 times higher than blended or synthetic mattress which makes it more desirable.

Eco Friendly

Natural rubber is healthy form of sleep surface because it is environment friendly, reusable and durable. As it is produced from trees, it promotes cultivation and foresting culture which also is a great way to endorse our planet’s natural resources.

Though there are different types of mattresses available in the market but generally they are classified in eight different forms:

  1. Memory Foam: pure synthetic form of mattress
  2. Gel: it is heat absorbent substance layered and coated on synthetic mattress
  3. Pillow tops: Cushiony layer that gives sinking feeling is layered on synthetic mattress
  4. Innerspring: metallic springs and coils are used to give more bouncing effect
  5. Water beds: under the synthetic mattress a water chamber is given to give wavy moves during a sleep
  6. Air beds: like water beds, an air bed has an air chamber for flexibility and support
  7. Latex mattresses: natural rubber mattress described earlier
  8. Adjustable bases: these are like medical mattress, use targeted sleep problem of your specific body part, like neck, knee or spinal cord

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