5 Unusual Uses Of CCTV Systems

CCTV cameras and monitoring systems are usually used to monitor properties and establishments and spot and deter possible threats. These security systems are very helpful for business owners and homeowners alike.

But did you know that you CCTV cameras can be used for other things as well? If you want to know other ways you can use your monitoring cameras, here are some uncommon uses of security cameras and CCTV systems:


  • Monitoring wildlife

Providers of CCTV in Abu Dhabi have opened their doors to other businesses and industries that intend to use their monitoring systems for other purposes, including monitoring of animals in the wild. Wildlife researchers and scientists can now use hidden cameras to observe how animals are behaving in their natural habitat. This would give them enough material to study these animals and help them in providing the best care for these species. Using hidden cameras is an excellent alternative, as these allow scientists to record animal activities during nighttime and not disturb their living space.


  • Monitoring weather conditions

Meteorologists can also use this technology to gather data and visually see the weather and climate changes in a specific area. Since they cannot monitor a lot of areas given their limited manpower and resources, they use cameras to record changes in the weather and spot any unusual weather activity in different places and locations.


  • Provide updates on construction projects

Today, clients are quite keen on checking the progress of their projects in real time, especially in construction projects. Since visiting the site would entail safety concerns, project managers can provide an update on the progress of the project through CCTV cameras. Clients will be able to visually see how far a project has come along, without visiting the site physically.


  • Entertainment

Facilities can use CCTV technology to show people from different parts of the globe what they are offering. For instance, the Clear Water Marine Aquarium in Florida provides a live feed of Winter, the dolphin, so other people who are not able to travel to their facility can enjoy their shows.


  • Reviewing shopping patterns

A lot of marketing firms and agencies today are very keen on knowing their shoppers’ behavior and shopping patterns. Aside from statistical data, CCTV footages can also be used to study and learn how shoppers behave inside the store. This would give them an idea on how to draft better store layouts and craft engaging marketing strategies.


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