3 Pros of teaching EYFS style curriculum in schools

Have you thought about sending your kid to a school already? If you have, then you should start exploring schools as well. Here, you should gather as much info as you can on different types of schools and teaching styles. Your search may familiarize you with Froebel approach to education, Montessori and other ideas. It is also possible that you will come across other interesting concepts such as Early Year Foundation Stage. It is commonly used as a standard among many schools for promoting learning, development, and safety in children from birth to five years. You can find EYFS being used in many pre-schools these days. The system is focused on improving early learning among children of younger age and teachers are required to focus on the development of such children. The system has proved to be effective and has shown benefits.

Focus on language

In EFYS, children are provided with opportunities to experience an environment that encourages rich language. It also helps them build confidence and allows them to speak in many different scenarios. They are also required to present their observations and come up with solutions to different problems. The purpose is to further their ability to learn and develop an attitude towards learning.

Bolsters physical development

This method is designed to focus on a thorough development of the child. The method pays attention to the physical development of children in different ways. Here, children are allowed to partake in different games and physical activities with the purpose of enhancing their creativity. Children are put through a range of physical activities and are asked to do their part.

Skills related to pre-literacy

Children take part in activities that involve learning. They take part in music and are required to learn the rhythm. The learn rhymes and are required to follow the chorus. Reciting poems and rhymes play an integral role in developing their literacy skills. They also learn to listen and recognize the sound, singing in rhythm and rhyme with other children. The activity helps them learn discipline and is considered an excellent memorization exercise as well.

Skills related to emotions

When children take part in plays, they end up learning many new things, some of which are related to emotional development. They are asked to play games that require cooperating with other children. They learn to share and operate in an environment where coordination is required. In doing so, they learn to play together with harmony.

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