5 Simple Tips For Guys To Accessorize

Despite the fashion industry pushing the envelope for men’s fashion, there are still some guys who find it really hard to wear an accessory. Maybe because of the misconception that accessories are only for girls. But in this day and age, fashion is for everyone and everybody.

There are subtle and fashionable ways for men to accessorize and be fashion forward. Here’s how:

  • Wear your personality

In the fashion industry, personality is always part of someone’s outfit. Fashion experts always advise their clients to incorporate their own style in their wardrobe. Men are also advised to do the same – from the outfits they choose to wear on a daily basis to the accessories they choose to put on along with the clothes. Whether you are wearing silver bracelets for men or a simple eyeglass, be sure it speak of who you are.


  • Less is always more

Too much of a good thing can be harmful, even in fashion. Men and women are always advised to keep it simple and classy, especially in the accessories department. You don’t need to wear everything in your jewelry box just to ensure that you are well-accessorized. For men, a minimum of three accessories can be acceptable, but is also depends on the garment and the occasion. The rule of thumb here is, if you are not comfortable with what you wear, it would be best to ditch it.


  • Make some bold choices

There are instances when you need to get out of your comfort zone and be bold for a change. Since men are limited with their accessories, they can opt for other items like their wallets and belts. Boldly designed wallets and belts can break the monotony and give your ensemble an interesting mix. Go for a leather wallet in Dubai with an eclectic design.


  • Mix and match your wardrobe and accessories

Mixing and matching is not only for women. It is also applicable to men. If you think that you’ve been using the same pair of clothes and accessories, try to shake things up a bit and do some mix and match. It would give your outfit a fresh take without buying new ones.

  • Stash in some extras for different occasions

Men are not unknown to buy things in bulk, especially with clothes and accessories. But it wouldn’t hurt to stash a few accessories of the same type for variety. For instance, having three watches to use that will complement your wardrobe.