Types Of Services A PRO Company Can Offer

Businesses and companies in the UAE need to undergo various documentation processes to be recognized as a legitimate company. For those who do not have the time nor the resources to do it alone, there are PRO companies that can provide extensive support and assistance. PRO companies combine industry experience with a deep understanding of documentation processes to expedite all types of applications.

If you want to know what types of services a PRO company is providing, here are some of the basic services these businesses offer:

  • Company formation


PRO services in Sharjah that are of this type are aimed at helping would-be business owners form their companies in jurisdictions that allow offshore company formation and incorporation. In fact, this is one the fastest-rising services being offered in the region since a lot of foreign investors are looking at expanding their business reach overseas. What a PRO service provider does is act as the middleman and take care of processing the papers. These companies also serve as consulting partners, guiding their clients on the best course to take when forming and incorporating their companies overseas.

  • Sponsorship services


When establishing and forming a company in a foreign jurisdiction like UAE, there are business districts that require applicants to have a sponsor that would back up their formation application. For foreign investors who don’t know anyone in their targeted location, finding a sponsor is a task next to impossible. This is where a PRO service provider can help. PRO companies offer sponsorship services that would help applicants scout a willing and credible sponsor to back up their incorporation. These companies are well-connected to prominent individuals and business owners and they can help you strike a deal with these industry bigwigs to launch your company.


  • Corporate services


Businesses need all the help they can get to launch their business and help them with certain administrative tasks. But most of the time, new businesses do not have the manpower to handle all administrative tasks. To be able to compensate the lack of manpower, these business owners prefer to outsource to a company to get the job done. Aside from formation and incorporation, PRO companies offer a number of corporate services to their clients – from typing services to documents clearing. These service support businesses until they are capable of hiring more employees.


  • Business management services


Data is very important in business planning. Without solid information at hand, businesses and companies would find it very difficult to create a solid plan of action. There are some PRO service companies that provide business management assistance services to clients. This would include feasibility and market study and project consultation.

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