Time to Mark your Purpose on Calendar

A calendar is a great way to express organizational culture, sponsorships and marketing your product to your prospective clients. Calendar printing in Dubai provides unique ways of promoting upcoming events, programs, etc. for the eventual audience.

Calendars are designed and developed to know different events and occasions coming over the year. The calendars used to be blank card paper sheets with numeric descriptions to the months and the days on it but now they are properly designed and crafted according to the color of your mood, organizational requirements and events. As far as printing is concerned, Dubai has a very dynamic printing industry due to the ever-so-growing economy which is boding well for the prospective businesses and proprietors.


These is a wide range of calendars which are classified as:

  • Historical Calendars are designed on the basis of historical events, such as birth or death of renowned people, infamous accidents, or massive wars, etc.
  • Religion Based Calendars usually contain special celebrations of holy days and events and change shape on country-to-country and religion-to-religion basis.
  • Events based calendars are designed for special occasions, like elections, silver jubilee, golden jubilee of any organization, game fevers, like Olympic or world cups, etc. with the purpose of sponsorship or marketing the company’s goods and products.
  • Promotional Calendar, on the other hand, are very much active to achieve organizational, individual, or country’s goals and they include product advertisement, modeling, celebrities, beautiful sceneries, and different tour places, to attract the target audience.


These calendars are available in different sizes: like

  • Desktop Calendars
  • Wall Calendars
  • Commercial Calendars
  • Magnetic Calendars
  • Pocket Calendars


Like calendars, there are different types of invitations, printed in Dubai which serve the eventual requirements to announce different occasions. Invitations are designed according to the nature of an event, like celebration of birthdays, weddings, official conferences and parties or announcements of different seminars.

Invitations are crafted according to the company’s budget and formatted on provided details of the events like guest of honor, date and time, with the venue’s specifications and address. Paper color and textures are also very much looked after in its formation. They are usually two-folded plain sheet with visible and attractive font and writing style.

As Dubai is considered the city of adventures and events, and planning your occasion is incomplete without printing invitation for it. You can find great variety in invitation printing in Dubai for publicizing your upcoming episodes of joy and success.